About Airo Yoga


Airo Yoga is a fresh, new spin on aerial yoga. It is a playful and real approach to the traditional teachings of yoga built upon aerial yoga techniques with a custom designed Airo Yoga swing. It combines elements of Vinyasa Yoga, Pilates, inversions and Acro-play.


The swing is compact, lightweight, strong and adjustable to various heights. It only requires a metal or wooden beam from the ceiling from which to hang. It comes with extension straps and can be installed into ceilings of various heights.


The style itself focuses on building strength and flexibility in the body. Airo Yoga is a complementary practice to various forms of sports and movements, such as yoga, athletics, weight-lifting, Pilates or ball sports. The practice aids in practising yoga asanas with the correct alignment and the swing is a prop for inversions.


Inverting is very beneficial for the spine and practising inversions with the Airo Yoga swing allows students to experience their bodies and their yoga postures in a completely new and different way. Airo Yoga helps overcome fear and it teaches students to let go and trust. Most importantly it builds confidence, all in a fun and playful manner.

A Unique Spin on Aerial Yoga


Lightweight, compact, durable, and easy to install.

An all rounded approach to building strength and flexibility in the body and a set teaching methodology taught by all teachers.

Build strength and flexibility in a safe and supportive way.

Dynamic movement with the breath through familiar yoga asanas with the support of the swing.

Focus on Pilates principles in order to activate and engage the core correctly.

Playful and creative poses are taught in a safe and orderly fashion.

Airo Yoga can be practiced at home, in a gym, or at a studio.

Learn to connect to your inner child, to let go and trust yourself. Allow yourself to move purely for the sake of enjoying it rather than trying to reach a specific goal or objective. Life can be too serious, your Airo practice should not be.

Weaving in traditional teachings of yoga into a modern form of movement and finding the connection to yourself.

Health & Wellness Benefits



Airo Yoga builds upper body, lower body and core strength and teaches you to use your muscles correctly, while being easy and supportive on the joints.


Airo Yoga builds flexibility in the hip flexors and shoulder girdle, and with the correct support of the custom-designed swing you avoid hyper-extension.


Through correct alignment based on Pilates and yoga principles, it allows energy to flow correctly through the body and helps to avoid future injuries.


The swing provides the support to practice tough inversions which will decompress and elongate the spine, stimulate the nervous system and increase blood flow to the brain.


Airo Yoga encourages you to overcome fear in your practice and in your everyday life by learning to play and enjoy. Simply trust and let go.


Raise your vibrations through sparking joy during your practice. Learn how to connect to your body by taking a playful and less serious approach to movement.

Turn Your World Upside Down


Releases Endorphins Relieves Stress Increases Focus Increases Blood Flow to the Head Improves Digestion Increases Core Strength Stimulates the Lymphatic System Relieves Tension from Ankles, Knees & Legs Squeezes Adrenal Glands Decompresses the Spine Lubricates Vertebrae

  • Releases endorphins
  • Relieves stress
  • Increases focus
  • Increases blood flow to the head
  • Improves digestion
  • Increases core strength
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system
  • Relieves tension from ankles, knees and legs
  • Squeezes adrenal glands
  • Decompresses the spine
  • Lubricates vertebrae

About The Founder


South African born yogi, Natalie Basch, is the founder of Airo Yoga. Coming from a background of dance and having found her connection to yoga during her university years, Natalie was eager to develop a new style of movement. A style of movement that incorporates elements from dance, Yoga, Pilates, aerial yoga and acrobatics. Most importantly, she wanted to create something, which allowed people to connect to a practice that brings them joy and allowed them to see movement as a form of play rather than a rigid exercise regime. And so, Airo Yoga was born in 2018.


Having worked in the yoga industry for the past three years in Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur, Natalie also understood the importance of creating a set teaching methodology for teachers so that they could feel comfortable and confident in teaching Airo Yoga right away.


This would create a standard for students who attend the classes, quality of teachers leading the classes and value for existing studios, resorts and gyms who wish to expand their offerings.


Her approach to Airo Yoga is to empower students to find the joy in movement again as well as empowering teachers to become the best teachers that they can be in order for them to grow and expand their own teaching career.


“It’s all about creating synergy between students, teachers and studios” in order for all to benefit from this new and exciting form of movement. But most importantly, Natalie believes that “there is no point in doing anything if you don’t enjoy it.”


Airo Yoga incorporates everything that people need nowadays in their busy lives: a structure to build strength and flexibility in a safe and supportive way, mindfulness, connection and of course extreme exhilaration!

Natalie’s Story


I am originally from South Africa and moved to Indonesia four years ago. I was initially drawn to Bali because I wanted to actively pursue a career as a yoga teacher. Life, however, had different plans for me (as it often does). Whilst I was in Bali, I was offered a job on a beautiful and tiny tropical island called Gili Trawangan. I accepted it right away and took responsibility of a creative beachfront hostel and bar with 25 staff members. It was certainly quite a detour from the yoga path, but (as we all know) life isn’t a linear path and ultimately, it was important for my growth and development.


I placed all my energy and effort (my heart and soul, if you will) into nurturing the hostel and bar that I came to love so much. My yoga ideas took a back seat for a while whilst I was building up the business. After three years of working hard and having way too much fun, my mat was calling me again. I finally completed my second 200 hr teacher training on the Gili Islands.


After this training, I decided to move to Ubud, Bali (the Mecca of Yoga) and dive deep into the yoga industry. I spent a year in Ubud managing and assisting an existing aerial yoga company. I assisted on 6+ trainings, developed a 200 hr teacher training and eventually hosted my first aerial yoga teacher training in the Maldives. Basically, I accumulated a TON of invaluable experience and knowledge during this time.


After the training, I felt that I was now able to bring my own creativity and experience to the table. I decided to create my own style of aerial yoga, using everything I have learnt and experienced over the previous years. This included the development of a new aerial yoga prop (the swing), a clear teaching methodology and a business plan for this style to grow globally. This is how Airo Yoga was born.


Airo Yoga is an unbelievably beneficial practice that is complementary to yoga and various other fitness modalities. Not only does this practice create strength and flexibility, but inverting (going upside down) for a longer period of time is beneficial for the spine, the brain, the endocrine/nervous/lymphatic systems, and so much more!


The great thing about Airo Yoga is that it is accessible to non-yogis, pro-yogis, fitness fanatics and couch potatoes. So don’t be afraid, come and try and see for yourself.


The Airo Yoga Philosophy is “mindfulness through play”. With this in mind, you will experience your body in a new way, challenge yourself and you will also learn (or relearn) how to ENJOY. Play and enjoyment are SO important and as we age, we tend to lose these important aspects of life.


The best way to understand the practice is to experience it, so I hope to see you in the swing very soon!