Airo Online Intensive Course

Author: Natalie Basch

'A Rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.' - W. Shakespeare


The phrase “Teacher Training” can be intimidating, and sometimes we’re not ready for such a big leap just yet – I totally get it. Because of this, I decided to run a parallel training to the upcoming Online Teacher Training called the Online Intensive Course!


What’s the difference? Firstly, the name is different. Now it sounds a little friendlier, right? Secondly, you’ll have a whole group and me to guide you through the Foundations course. Plus, the focus will be entirely on YOU and how YOU can develop a self-practice from home.


The benefit of developing a self-practice is that you can train and practice by yourself, anywhere, at any time. You are no longer dependent on studios, teachers, and Covid restrictions.


Another benefit of trainings, and intensives in general, is the information and knowledge that you obtain. This is often valuable information that is not ordinarily shared in a regular studio class. This knowledge is super valuable for your own practice because you’re able to practice from a much higher understanding. This means that you’re able to avoid future injuries, and you’re able to practice safely and by yourself!


When we also understand a practice in more depth, it’s easier to commit to it and to maintain it. And that is the key with any practice: commitment and continuation.


The Online Intensive Course still covers the same content as the Online Teacher Training. It is part-time and spans over eight weeks, but excludes the final teaching exam assessment. You will complete video homework assignments and work through the Foundations Course by yourself during the week. And on Sundays, we meet for two hours to discuss each topic in more detail. You will get feedback on your practice, you’ll understand the concept of alignment in more detail, and your practice will improve 100%!


So, if you feel that you’re ready to dive deeper into Airo purely for your own benefit, then opt for the Online Intensive Course. Follow the link for more information and upcoming training dates.



Airo Yoga Online Intensive Course

$600 SGD