Airo Yoga For All!

Author: Natalie Basch


'You do not have to be perfect or look like Miss Malaysia to practice Airo Yoga' - Teacher Jida, Kuala Lumpur


Isn’t that just the best quote? And such a fundamental part of what Airo Yoga is.


Our philosophy is that Airo Yoga is for ALL. What this means is that there are no physical boundaries, exclusivities, or limitations to the practice.


Often I hear students saying: “I’m too old, I’m too fat, I’m not flexible enough for Airo Yoga”. Well, that does not matter. If you have a body, if you’re able to breathe, you’re able to practice Airo.


How can this practice be so inclusive?


Firstly, the Airo Swing.


The swing works as a prop and can easily be adjusted to suit your needs. Whether it pertains to your height or injuries, the swing is versatile enough to work within each person’s capabilities. The swing is also really durable. It is made out of parachute material and holds a substantial amount of weight.


The swing acts as a weight carrier, which means that you can alleviate pressure from the joints and build strength in a supported and controlled way. Plus it makes you feel light-weight and suspended so that access weight is really not an issue in the practice.


In short: the swing makes the practice more comfortable and accessible.




How Airo is taught and structured is very simple: Listen to your body and work within your physical means and choose a variation that works for YOU! We are not trying to reach perfection in our poses. The objective is to CONNECT to your body – in a playful way. And once we connect to our bodies from a space of joy, we automatically build a better, more compassionate relationship with it. And this is so important – you only have one body after all, why not love it – just the way it is now.


So yes, Airo is for all. It does not matter how fit or unfit you currently are; the swing and the practice is ready for you. It will help you develop core strength, stability, flexibility and most importantly: CONFIDENCE with the body you have NOW.


You can start the practice, just the way you are. And you can have fun in the swing, just the way you are. So what’s stopping you from starting your practice today?