Are You Ready For This?

Author: Natalie Basch


The question that I asked myself when I first thought about attending a 200-Hour teacher training was: “Am I ready for this?”


It took me three attempts and applications before I finally took the leap of faith and attended my first 200-Hour teacher training in 2014 in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was a part-time training at a studio close to my house. I was able to still continue my corporate job AND study yoga on the side.


This is how my journey began.


Things started to shift quickly. I started adopting a lot of the principles from our philosophy class into everyday life. I started meditating daily, in the car, outside the office block, before I stepped into the concrete cage.

I soon realised that I wanted my whole life to be about yoga. I wanted to eat, sleep, breath, and study yoga as much as I can.



Trust and Surrender


It wasn’t long into the training that I decided to quit my job. My parents were not thrilled. But yoga teaches you to trust and surrender on the mat, off the mat and in life. And that’s what I did: I just quit. Best feeling ever!!!


I decided to head to Bali for a few weeks to get some more yoga inspiration. I remember my mom telling me: “I have a feeling you won’t be back”. I didn’t believe her. But oh how right our mothers can be.


While in Bali I was offered a job to manage a hostel and a bar on one of the tropical islands close to Lombok called Gili Trawangan. It was my favourite island on my travels after University but so far from an ideal yogi lifestyle.


I decided to take a detour.


I went from being a yoga freak to managing one of the hottest hostels and bars on the island. Tequila, fancy dress parties, music, beautiful people from around the world, Vodka Joss, villa parties, boat parties, yacht parties, beach parties, my life was a never-ending party! I had the time of my life. I was free and that’s all that mattered.


But eventually, after three years of countless rainbow highs and crazy nights, the glitter began to fade. We had our biggest Halloween party in 2016, with face paint splattered everywhere and Jagermeister coming through our pores the night before the start of my second teacher training at Gili Yoga and Freedive.


Once again, I dived deep, I connected to my source, I listened to myself and decided to quit my job (again!), and actually stay on my path to pursue a career in the “yoga industry”.


Trust Your Heart


My heart drew me to Ubud, Bali. I was told that I would never be able to find a job there. With the best of the best teachers seeking space and work opportunity in this beautiful yoga mecca, it was near impossible for “Miss Yogi-wannabe-slash-party-queen Basch” to find a yoga teaching gig.


But the Universe listens. Things unfolded and I was offered a job in Ubud and soon started teaching at one of the renowned studios: Ubud Yoga Centre.


In that same year, I was given the opportunity to assist and put together a 200-hour multi-style teacher training.


Shortly after I was asked to teach an aerial training in the Maldives. This was the inception point of Airo Yoga, my own aerial brand. And things have been growing ever since – you know the story.


200-hour Yoga Teacher Training


It has always been my goal to put together a 200-hour Yoga teacher training from scratch. Why? The amount of knowledge and self-understanding one acquires is immense. I mean, I quit my job twice and on the third round started my own business. There is something to this.


So I put the wish out there a year ago. And things unfolded. One of my favourite teachers in Kuala Lumpur approached me one day and asked if I would be interested in joining her on a 200-hour teacher training.




A mother of three kids and an American expat, Kristen is a teacher that resonates with my heart. Her classes are dynamic, always interesting, she has great playlists and she teaches with depth. I would attend her teacher training, without a doubt. Most importantly, she has a heart of gold and she is a good person.


I’m at the point where I am once again confronted with the same question: “AM I ready for this?” My self-doubt and limiting beliefs tell me: “Who are you to hold a Teacher Training?”. But I have become somewhat wiser and I now know better than to listen to those voices. I am ready for this and WE are ready for this. We are ready for this because yoga is something that we are passionate about and something that we are LIVING.



We are able to bring structure and clarity and convey information in a concise and clear manner. And that is the essence of being a good teacher: helping students UNDERSTAND and GET IT. It’s not about perfecting a handstand or any of the other poses you see on Instagram.


Yoga is a science.


It is a powerful and profound practice because it helps you to uncover the many layers of yourself. It is a gift that has been passed down from generation to generation. And I feel, that if we, as modern yogis can convey these messages, this ancient wisdom to more people; well then the world would be a better place.


I am beyond excited to share this exciting journey with my Kuala Lumpur family. And to be doing this at OurBodySpace with Kristen Wade and having my own mentor Elizabeth C Buri as support is… right. Yes, it’s RIGHT. And it’s right now.


So yes, I know what you are thinking: “AM I READY FOR THIS?”


Well, I’ve asked myself this question all this time and look where it has got me. So just to clarify: YES! YES, YOU ARE READY FOR THIS!


You’ve already asked the question, now you just have to show up.


I’ll see you on the mat.


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