Back in Lockdown? No Problem! Start Airo!

Author: Natalie Basch


As we head into a second lockdown in India and other parts of the world, it’s totally understandable that we feel annoyed and bothered by this. We hear many things in the media. It can be scary, and the uncertainty of what is to come is unsettling. BUT it’s super important to remain in a positive headspace. Why? Because the body responds to our thoughts – and fears.


So rather than worrying and putting additional stress on our bodies and immune systems, it’s imperative to shift your focus to something else, keep the mind focused, and keep staying active. So why not use this time to learn something new – like Airo Yoga.


Last year, I created an awesome online course that will teach you the foundations of Airo, all from home. Over the past months, I’ve guided students through this course via ZOOM and weekly video assignments. It’s fun, it keeps you busy, it ensures that you remain in the correct headspace, and most importantly, it ensures you stay healthy! So let’s look at some benefits of practicing Airo Yoga during lockdown.


1. Easy To Install


The swing is super easy to install and set up at home. Most houses have some form of structure such as a cross beam where you can hang your swing. Take a look at your home from a fresh perspective, look at your ceilings and see where you can set up your swing. And if you can’t find anything, you can always use a tree! But, you do not have to go anywhere. Stay at home. It’s what needs to be done for now.


2. Follow the Foundations course or Intensive course


The Foundations course is the “DO IT YOURSELF” Airo course. The course is roughly 30 hours, so you can schedule the time as you see fit. And if you need some extra motivation and guidance, then opt for the Intensive course. This includes video homework assignments and additional weekly Zoom sessions with me to keep you updated with your practice.


3. Stay fit and stay healthy


Health is of the utmost importance at the moment, and we have to keep moving and exercising. Chilling on the couch is okay for a day or two, but then it’s time to get moving again.


Airo is a great form of exercise. It builds strength and flexibility and it’s also a great way to increase the heart rate. And cardiovascular exercise is always a winner when it comes to staying in shape and healthy.


4. Invert and stimulate your lympathic system


With the swing, we’re able to go upside down. And this is SO GREAT for the body! By going upside down, we also stimulate the lymphatic system; the system responsible for removing toxins and bad stuff in our body. And if our lymphatic system is working nicely, we can ensure that the garbage dispensary of the body is doing its job correctly – keeping us happy and healthy.


5. Build your immunity


The immune system is responsible for fighting diseases and sickness in the body. So it makes sense to look after this system and give it an extra boost, right?!


Certain Airo Yoga poses help balance and boost the immune system. Going upside down, backbends that open the lungs and heart center, a simple Child’s pose after every inversion, and a happy baby after each practice are just a few examples of such immune-boosting poses. Hello Immunity BOOSTER! Scrap the juices – just play Airo!


6. Reduces stress


Stress is no good for the body. It causes inflammation and degeneration of the body cells, just to name a few harmful factors of stress.


By practicing Airo Yoga we can reduce stress and ensure that the body does not unnecessarily suffer from the effects of our worrying mind. By staying active, meditating, and bringing our awareness into ourselves and our bodies, we can move away from the stresses caused by the external environment. We build a deeper and stronger connection to our internal environment and we can find a sense of peace of mind.


7. Mindfulness through Play


“The only way to combat fear is through JOY!” – So says Osho. So get on your mat and into your swing and HAVE FUN! PLAY! Explore! And ENJOY this time at home. Get to experience your body in a new way, rest, regenerate, and look after YOU!


We only have ONE body; we may as well look after it – especially now. So what are you waiting for! Let’s get going, and let’s stay healthy and active – the Airo Way!


You can order your swing online, follow the link below to the Foundations course or drop me an email if you have any questions.