Swing Installation

Author: Natalie Basch


It’s lockdown day number “I stopped counting” and I’ve settled into Rishikesh, India for the foreseeable future. This is my neighbours’ rooftop overlooking the Ganges and the home to my adopted dog friend, Baku.


I had to adapt my business model and plans for Airo Yoga which has now opened up a few new opportunities. I am in the process of putting together my first Airo Online Training which will give you the foundational skills to start this practice at home.


Here is the first video from my new rooftop space overlooking the Ganges, nature, my fur friends and my Airo swing – what more do I need. This is a simple installation video to show you guys how easy it is to set up your swing at home and for you to start your Airo practice. Let’s get ready to swing!