Online Tutorials

Surya Namaskar A Explained

An introduction to Suraya Namaskar A - Sun Salutation and using the Airo swing to demonstrate a variation of Suraya Namaskar. ...

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Handstand Prep

A mini-tutorial on Handstand Prep. Handstand Prep is a pose in itself AND also a preparation for the actual, real-deal handstand....

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Intermediate Warm-Up

This is a good warm-up sequence for intermediate practitioners, starting with Surya Namaskar A, followed by Set Sequence I....

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Core Fitness Workout

A great core workout! The whole sequence is inverted so make sure you know the foundations before you give this a try....

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Swing Installation

A simple installation video to show you just how easy it is to set up your swing at home and start your Airo practice....

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