What’s to Come in Kuala Lumpur 2023

Author: Natalie Basch


Hello Everyone!


And here is a little (almost) mid-year update.


As usual, my plans tend to shift and change quickly. And, long story short, I’ll be based in Kuala Lumpur for the rest of the year. What exciting news!


So much has happened here already. We just completed the 15th Airo Yoga Teacher at OurBodySpace. We were a small and intimate group, which I loved. We met over three consecutive weekends. This gave us time to attend to our weekly obligations and to digest the work. And as a facilitator, this also gave me enough time to rest in between.


So firstly, congratulations to our new Airo Yoga teachers in KL. It’s great to have you on board; this was such a special group.


We will continue with regular Airo Yoga classes and workshops throughout the next month. And the 16th Airo Teacher Training dates have already been set for July. Click here to find out more!


Plus, in even more exciting news, Elizabeth and I will be hosting the 2nd 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training here at OBS. This will be a part-time training over three months. This Yoga Alliance accreditation is suitable for those who still need to receive an additional qualification after their Airo Training or for those who want to dive deeper into the yoga world.


This training will be unique because we will integrate more energy and intuition work into the syllabus this time around. From both our experiences as teachers and bodyworkers, the intuition is such a powerful part of our being that really requires some honing into. Think about: tuning into your heart vibrations, card reading skills, energy reading and even a little bit of astrology. Yes, it’s literally going to be a witchy TTC where we bring in the elements of magic too.


We’re excited to share this space with you and the teachings. For more info, send me an email and I’ll be more than happy to chat with you.


Lots of love,