A Doctor’s Perspective

Author: Dr. Jananee Sieadass


The journey of yoga for many individuals has been a process of self-discovery or even a spiritual awakening. It may begin by practicing at home, learning online to eventually entering a studio environment. The fantastic benefits of centuries-old yoga practices have created a staggering number of instructors, studios and even modernized forms of yoga. Nevertheless, the benefits remain.


I have always had a love for exercise, and my version of exercises has mainly been aerobic and strength training. The complete exercise prescription from ACSM guidelines includes aerobic, strength training AND flexibility. The ACSM recommends practicing flexibility exercises more than 2-3 days per week, preferably daily even.


The missing part of my exercise regime was flexibility. Hence I stepped into the yoga studio. The moment one begins to attend yoga classes with an open heart and mind, something shifts, one experiences and feels the benefits, and at some point, the addiction (the healthy kind!) to the yoga practice begins.


Yoga acts as an aerobic, strength and flexibility practice. Even merely a mindfulness and breathing practice. A complete package. I joined more classes and met many instructors that inspired me. I enjoyed all the classes, but one sparked my joy and calling the most, and that was Airo Yoga.


Airo Yoga is a fantastic form of aerial yoga as it combines Pilates and vinyasa yoga. It incorporates mindfulness and allows us to be in a child’s spirit. This acts as a reminder to foster mental health as much and equal to physical health. I loved it personally as it gives me the feeling of overcoming challenges and accomplishing them. This is so important for us as it builds confidence and self-belief.


The lock and bar system in Airo Yoga makes it so easy to adjust according to our practice – yin or yang. The swing is easy to manoeuvre, even for beginners. The concept of Airo Yoga is modern and suitable for most general populations. It has a set of sequences that makes the class special and of course, with a personal touch of the instructors. I enjoyed every class of mine that I have completed a 40-hours Airo Yoga Teacher Training this year.


In a study conducted by Dalleck CL and Green JD, 2016 among 16 female participants shows aerial yoga yields metabolic responses of moderate-intensity exercise benefitting the cardiorespiratory fitness, which leads to modification of cardiovascular risk factors. Also, the authors revealed a single 50-minute session of aerial yoga burns about 320 calories. The study also shows that participants had significant improvements in body fat percentage, body weight and even the blood pressure.


One of the most critical findings in the study conducted was the improvement in V02max. There was 10.9% increment compared to other aerobic-based training studies. This increment suggests a 15% reduction in mortality with 10% improvement in V02 max (Dalleck CL and Green JD, 2016).


Airo Yoga keeps me on my toes as it challenges me, keeps my adrenaline rushing yet calms my mind.

Practice Yoga for Better Living. Practice Airo for Better Flying.


Written by,
Dr. Jananee Sieadass
(MD/ PgDIP in Sports & Exercise Medicine/ EIM Malaysia Level 1 Certified)


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