Airo Yoga Foundations
Course Breakdown

What’s In The Box?


21 Sequence Videos

Each new sequence kicks off with a Sequence Video. This visual demonstration allows you to watch the sequence before we get into more detail.

9 Sequence Maps

We've put together image-based Sequence Maps to guide you through the sequences once you're comfortable with the poses. This visual reference is kind of like a cheat sheet to help you remember everything during your practice.

18 Detailed Sequence Scripts

For each pose and sequence through the course, there is a Sequence Script. These scripts break down each pose into more detail, offering key alignment aspects and breath cues, as well as extra tips and things to avoid when trying each pose yourself.

5 Guided Sequence Audios

Need a little extra prompting while you're learning the sequences? We've included guided audios with the Sequence Scripts to lead you through the practice.

8 Quizzes

Worried you might not remember everything? Don't worry, the quizzes are super easy and are simply there to keep you focused and keep the content fresh in your mind.

Cutting Edge e-Learning Technology

The full course has been designed and developed for you to access right here on the Airo Yoga website, from your computer or mobile device. With the freedom to structure your own course progression, you're in full control of how much time you spend on each module. You can track your progress as you work through the course and refer back to earlier lessons at any time. And the Sequence Videos, Sequence Maps & Scripts, theory modules and built-in quizzes will guide you every step of the way through your Foundations journey.

Certificate of Completion

Once you complete the course you'll receive a shiny digital certificate as a little memento of your dedication to the course. And well, who doesn't like certificates?!

Access to Airo Yoga Discounts

Once you've completed the course, you'll receive a 10% discount code to use on one of our upcoming 50-hour Teacher Training courses if you decide to further develop your Airo journey.

The Full Lowdown



Course Welcome & Founder Note


About Airo Yoga
A Brief History Lesson
Course Structure
Developing Your Practice
Choose Your Variation


A Doctor’s Perspective
The Swing: Origin
The Swing: Safety Features


Airo Methodology
Pilates Principles
Finding the Neutral Spine
Understanding Vinyasa
Metholodgy Overview
Airo Yoga Express Format
Let The Practice Begin


Warm-Up Introduction
Warm-Up Sequence I Video
Warm-Up Sequence I Map
Warm-Up Sequence I Script


Set Sequence I
Set Sequence I Video
Set Sequence I Map
Set Sequence I Script
Set Sequence II
Set Sequence II Video
Set Sequence II Map
Set Sequence II Script
Set Sequence III
Set Sequence III Video
Set Sequence III Map
Set Sequence III Script
Backward Facing Entry Introduction
Backward Facing Entry & Exit Video
Backward Facing Entry & Exit Map
Backward Facing Entry Script
Backward Facing Exit Variation I Script
Backward Facing Exit Variation II Script
Forward Facing Entry
Forward Facing Entry & Exit Video
Forward Facing Entry & Exit Map
Forward Facing Entry Script
Forward Facing Exit Variation I Script
Forward Facing Exit Variation II Script


Peak Poses Introduction
Backward Facing Entry Peak Poses Video
Backward Facing Entry Peak Poses Map
Backward Facing Entry Peak Pose: Down Dog Script
Backward Facing Entry Peak Pose: Star Pose & Hanging Star Script
Backward Facing Entry Peak Pose: Pigeon Pose Script
Backward Facing Entry Peak Pose: Handstand & Hanging Bat Script
Forward Facing Entry Peak Poses Video
Forward Facing Entry Peak Poses Map
Forward Facing Entry Peak Pose: Down Dog Script
Forward Facing Entry Peak Pose: Flying Cobra Script
Forward Facing Entry Peak Pose: Scorpion Pose Script


Cool Down Introduction & Savasana
Cool Down Sequence I Video
Cool Down Sequence I Map
Cool Down Sequence I Script


What’s Next
Continued Education
Teacher Training Certification
Airo Yoga Community
Final Quiz

Get a 10% discount on the Airo Yoga Swing with your purchase of Airo Yoga Foundations.


What equipment do I need for the course?

All you need is the Airo Yoga Swing, a metal or wooden beam to hang it from and a yoga mat. Ensure that you order your swing online at least two weeks before you plan to begin the course. Swings are currently available in Australia, Kuala Lumpur, and Indonesia, and shipping takes between 10-14 working days. For other locations, please send us an email. The mat you use should have enough grip that your hands do not slip. You can also place a towel over the mat for some extra grip.

Where can I install the swing?

The swing can be installed at home, in a park or at the gym.


Try to find a beam or a crossbar in your house, garage, cellar or attic, and ensure that the structure is stable. If you hear the structure squeak or see the structure bend and submit to your weight, find somewhere else. A metal structure is usually best. You can also place two mental hooks in the ceiling. They need to be hip-distance apart. This will differ from person to person, but is usually between 50-65 cm wide.


You can find a strong tree in the park. Test the strength by hanging from the swing. If you hear a creak or think that the branch won’t hold, find a thicker branch.


At the gym, use the pull-up bar.

I already have some form of aerial equipment. Can I just use that?

If you already have a hammock, yoga belt, or something similar, you are able to complete the course using that. It is, however, recommended that you purchase the swing prior to the course. The Airo Yoga Swing has been custom-designed specifically for this practice and is safe, durable, and easily adjustable.

I am a beginner. Can I still do the course?

Airo Yoga Foundations is beginner-friendly. The course also offers variations from beginner to advanced. Be sure to choose a variation that best suits you and slowly build towards the advanced poses.

I have not exercised in a long time. Can I still do Airo?

Airo Yoga is the perfect form of exercise to get you started. The swing is a supporting tool that will help you build strength and stability in a safe and supported way. The practice is also super fun and playful, which will keep you motivated, and get you into the practice.

I am not fit. Can I practice Airo?

Airo will help you build the fitness you feel you may not have.

Is Airo Yoga safe?

All physical practices come with their risks. If you follow the instructions carefully and ensure that your swing is properly installed, the swing and the practice are safe. It is recommended that you at least do the Foundations Course or attend a class or workshop before practicing on your own. It is also essential to know where your limits are. Do not do anything that does not feel right in your body. Ensure that you take rests in the practice when you need to, and do consult a doctor or physician if you suffer any pain or injury prior to the practice.

Inverting is not really my thing. Should I still do the course?

The practice combines elements of on-the-mat practices and off-the-mat practices. If you feel that going upside down is not good for you, there are still many standing poses and sequences for you to follow and practice. Inverting is just one part of the practice and you will still be able to obtain physical benefits from the on-the-mat practices.

Do I need to have done yoga before?

No, but this will definitely tickle your curiosity about yoga and help you create a solid foundation for a future yoga practice.

I am not flexible. Can I still practice Airo?

“I am dirty. Therefore I will not take a shower.” – said no one ever. Same applies to this. If you’re not flexibile, then you SHOULD definitely try Airo.

Do you offer individual assessments?

Yes we do. You can either submit a video and receive feedback, or you can schedule a Zoom session for a live assessment. Check out Individual Assessments in our Airo Online Academy for more info.

Still have questions? Check out our dedicated Airo Yoga FAQ page.