From Sri Lanka with Love

Author: Natalie Basch


It’s been a while. Six months from my last blog. A family stop in South Africa and now I’m back in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka. It’s already been two months since I returned to Hideaway Resort, after a long-awaited time.


Hideaway was the second studio that started offering Airo in 2018. I also met Adnan from Morocco at Hideaway. He put me in touch with his beautiful wife Sofia, who hosted me and Airo at her Yoga Shala In Casablanca.


So yes, Hideaway is a very special place and it’s a place where the ROOTS of Airo also started.



It’s been a good few months so far. With full classes and small classes too. We had a film crew from Israel shooting a movie here in May. The movie is called “Arugam Bay” and will surely bring the limelight to our little coastal town in the next few seasons. It was fun to meet the cast and the crew and it was super great to have them participate in the classes and visit regularly in between shoots.


We’ve had some quiet weeks too. The economic situation in Sri Lanka has had its effect on tourism here and unfortunately what the media portrayed looked a lot worse and more ominous than it was.


I’m by no means undermining what is happening. Fuel shortages, gas shortages, protests BUT the people are peaceful and are doing their best to carry on. The protests continue to ASK for a much-needed change in government. A government that has looted the country for the past five years. This has to happen.


Tourism is a lifeline to this country and can bring much-needed support and relief to the local community. So now more than ever, we NEED visitors to come to Sri Lanka to support local businesses and simply enjoy the natural beauty of the country.


It’s still a good time to travel and our guests have not had any problems getting from A to B or from Colombo to Arugam Bay. Myself included. I’ve been back and forth between Colombo and A-bay twice and we have friends comings regularly. No issues.


We also have a fully packed Yoga schedule already. With daily Airo by yours truly and lots of funky events by One Bhakti, our partnering Yoga tribe.


This year I’m also offering Energy Healing sessions, which combine Reiki and Craniosacral therapy. I’m super excited to branch off and offer these deep and personal sessions and would be delighted to share this with you.


The high season is coming up. Bookings are filling up for July and August, so if you’re still looking for a space to spend your summer, why not here?


We have beaches, surf, good food, YOGA, Airo, healing, the bush, and wildlife.


What more do you need?


I love it here and it’s so good to be back. Come and visit. It would be great to see you here in the Bay.


Photos by: Tavis Gunasena and Carolyn McKay @newcarolyn