Full Body Warm Up Workout

Author: Natalie Basch


Here you have another sequence — a little longer this time and focusing on the whole body.


This is a great routine for the mornings to get the body going. Also, it’s super important to warm up the body before going into any inversions, so try this as a warm-up!


Here is the sequence list:


– Wrist Wrap
– Childs Pose
– Camel Prep
– Cat & Cow
– Runner Lunge
– Split Prep
– High Lunge
– Knee to Mat
– Pulse
– Knee Stand
– Knee Stand Hold
– Hanging Cobra – great name, right?
– Classic Cobra
– Downward Facing Dog


NB!!! Mind the Hanging Cobra! It’s super intense in the lower back so take it SLOW when lowering down. No flopping into this pose!! Be a cobra, not a floppy fish.


Please ensure that you have attended an Airo class, workshop or training before trying this at home. And if you don’t have swing, you can buy one online HERE (with free worldwide shipping!).