Join the Community


If you run a studio or gym and are interested in expanding and diversifying your class offerings, Airo Yoga may be the way to go!


We are committed to growing Airo Yoga globally and will travel far and wide in order to help you set up Airo Yoga at your studio or gym.


We are interested in fostering and maintaining long-term relationships with our studios and will, therefore, be there to support you with:

  • setting up your studio and gym
  • getting regular classes going
  • offering workshops to generate an interest
  • offering a teacher training for interested instructors and members

Once the set up has been complete and regular classes begin to take place at your studio or gym with your instructors, be prepared for an influx of students!


We will continue to generate interest for regular Airo Yoga classes at your studio through marketing support, continuing education of the teachers, and regular workshops to keep the style interesting and fresh at all times.


This is not a once off commitment! Together we will ensure that Airo Yoga continues to prosper and grow at your studio or gym.

Want to find out more?


If you’d like to chat about offering Airo Yoga at your studio, send us a shout out for more info. Simply fill in the form so we can get to know you a little. We look forward to connecting with you soon!