How Airo Yoga Differs to other Aerial Styles

Author: Natalie Basch


Let’s cover some terminology first:


Aerial Yoga is a style of Yoga performed on a hammock, silks, a belt or a swing. It started around 2014 and has gained popularity since then. It incorporates forms of aerial arts seen in shows and circuses and acrobatics; now combined with other fitness methodologies.


Some aerial equipment, including our swing, has its roots from traditional Yoga practices, namely Iyengar yoga. Iyengar yoga is a style of Yoga that focuses strictly on the alignment of the body. They use props to support the correct alignment, and a belt was used against the wall, for spinal alignment.


Now, Airo Yoga, is the style of aerial Yoga I created in 2018 which is a fusion of aerial Yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Pilates and playfulness.


From my experience as a yoga and aerial practitioner and teacher, I decided to combine elements from different yoga lineages (Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa) and western movement practices such as Pilates into one.


I also wanted this style to have a structured approach, a set routine or methodology as found in Ashtanga or Bikram Yoga, where the same routine is repeated again and again.


But I wanted to create an open structure, where other teachers could also bring their personality into the practice. A flexible structure!


I also get bored quickly and struggle to do things if there is this rigid and serious undertone to it. So I decided to put a modern spin on Airo and incorporate a lot of PLAY into the practice. You’re moving from a place of joy, rather than a place of obligation – and that makes a huge difference already.


I also designed the equipment: THE AIRO SWING! It is also a fusion of various exciting aerial equipment. I decided to create something that remained compact and easily transportable. The swing only weighs 300g. Super light-weight. Yet extra strong. It is made out of parachute material and has some extra padding at the base to make it more comfortable against the body. The bar and lock mechanism is stainless steel, sleek and elegant. There is no fussing about when adjusting the height of the swing. You slide this mechanism up and down to adjust the length – super easy.


So, yes, in summary, Airo is the name of a specific style of aerial Yoga, meshed together with some of the other things I learned along the way. A FUN FUSION FLYING YOGA!


I love Airo. It’s such a tremendous and light-hearted practice. It has helped me so much on my yoga journey, and it’s something that everyone should try!


The Foundations course is also there for you to study the basics from home. So there’s no need to wait for Airo to arrive in your city, you can start today. Mindfulness through play!