Intermediate Warm-Up

Author: Natalie Basch


This is a good warm-up sequence for intermediate practitioners. We start right away with Surya Namaskar A, followed by Set Sequence I. RIGHT AWAY!


Usually Set Sequence I is practised during the Building Heat section of our Airo practice, but for intermediate and advanced students you can use Set Sequence I as a warm-up too.


Here you can also see that Set Sequence I is based on Surya Namaskar A. It has its similarities. Set Sequence I focuses on warming up the whole body and prepares us for the practice to come. It’s an excellent sequence to practice, even if you just have 15 minutes to swing per day.


PS. If your body feels tight or sticky, go ahead and start with a gentle warm-up before moving into Surya A and Sequence I.


Please make sure you have attended at least an Airo class, workshop or training before trying this at home.