Pincha Mayurasana and Scorpion Pose

Author: Natalie Basch


This tutorial for Pincha and Scorpion Pose is quite an advanced sequence, so make sure you know the foundations.


Here is the sequence:
– Backward Facing Entry
– Down Dog
– Flying Plank with a core activation
– Chair Pose
– Pincha Prep (elbows still hovering off the ground)
– Scorpion Prep (one leg at a time)
– Pincha Mayurasana (full)
– Scorpion (Full)
– Childs Pose – always at the end


Not ideal for lower back and shoulder injuries. Make sure you’re sufficiently warmed up before trying this. I suggest practicing Sequence I three to four rounds or simply skipping with a jump rope for 5 minutes.


Please make sure you have attended at least an Airo class, workshop or training before trying this at home.