Airo Yoga Swing

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The custom-designed Airo Yoga swing is compact, lightweight, strong, and adjustable to various heights. It only requires a metal or wooden beam from the ceiling from which to hang. It comes with extension straps and can be installed into ceilings of various heights.


Watch the installation video below to see just how easy it is to set up!



The exquisite Airo swing is meticulously handcrafted in Bali. However, due to recent manufacturing adjustments, the original stainless steel rings are temporarily unavailable. Instead, the swing now features brass rings with a rich golden colour. Rest assured that this minor alteration does not compromise the swing’s superior quality and durability, but rather enhances its aesthetic appeal. In fact, I find the golden rings to be equally as stunning. Nevertheless, if you have your heart set on the silver rings, we would be more than happy to place you on a waiting list until we can source them once again. Please do let us know.

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