Taking the Airo Teacher Training Online

Author: Natalie Basch


This year I set out to offer four teacher trainings in Sri Lanka. But as you all know, the world changed in an instant. I canceled my training plans and decided to focus on the Airo Foundations Course; something fresh and accessible to ALL – anywhere, at any time.


The purpose of the Airo Yoga Foundations course is to teach you how to develop a practice from home. It’s pretty much a mini-teacher training for YOU and YOURSELF. I then had two ladies in Kuala Lumpur ask me if they could obtain their teaching certification with the Foundations course. Yes, possible, but I needed to spend some additional one-on-one time with them. So I decided to combine the Foundations course and my previous 50-hour teacher training into a 10-week part-time teaching program.


We met over Zoom once a week for a 2-hour session. And in these sessions, we discussed each lesson of the Foundations course in ALOT more detail with the teacher training manual. From there, they were given weekly homework assignments where they had to film their practice AND voice record themselves. This gave them the physical practice AND the teaching practice.


I was super impressed with their progress! Their alignments were spot on, and they were also able to self-correct from seeing their own videos. Check out the video below of some of the video assessments they submitted during their training. They had time to absorb the information. They sounded more confident after each voice recording and started to find their own teaching spirit. We were also able to connect as a group from the start. The discussions were interactive and chatty, and they all got the opportunity to give each other feedback during the training too. We are now 2 weeks out from completing our training. The final exam will be over Zoom, and each student will have an opportunity to teach a full 45-minute class to a friend or family member while I observe and watch.


I’m super excited that the teacher training IS translatable online – despite all the global changes. Distance is not an issue! The total time for the teaching certification during the 10-week course is 50 hours, including additional assignments, self-study, Zoom sessions, and feedback sessions. And there is AMPLE time to digest, integrate, and prepare to be a confident and A-class Airo Teacher.


So, if you want to ramp up your teaching game and want to receive your teaching certification, or you simply want a little bit more guidance and motivation with the Foundations course, why not enroll in the next upcoming online teacher training. Anywhere in the world, part-time, information-rich and Airo certified!


Visit the store for more details on the course, or drop me a mail if you have any questions.



Airo Yoga Online Teacher Training

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