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The 50-hour teacher training prepares students to become confident, authentic and representative Airo Yoga teachers. Prospective teachers will learn everything they need to know about sequencing, teaching methodology, acro play, and more! They will learn all about Airo values and philosophy so that they too can spread the Airo love and style wherever in the world they choose to teach.


Once the students become teachers, they will feel confident in teaching the first three sequences of Airo Yoga, helping their students get in and out of the swing, and teaching the key foundation acro-play poses.


The following topics will be covered:

Open to all those interested in deepening their understanding of Airo Yoga for their self-practice, as well as for those who wish to develop their yoga or fitness teaching career.


Prior Yoga, Pilates or fitness training is required in order to obtain the full qualification.


Qualification will be given by Airo Yoga Alliance, a registered business alliance in Singapore. Only teachers with an Airo Yoga Alliance accreditation may conduct Airo Yoga at studios.

Deepen Your Practice


The 50hr Airo Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course is now open! Created for existing 200hr/500hr yoga teachers or anyone who would love to deepen their personal Yin & Airo Yoga practice and expand their knowledge and understanding of Airo Yin Yoga. It provides a functional, solid and applicable understanding of the philosophy, principles and practice of Airo Yin Yoga and the art of teaching Airo Yin Yoga in a practical, safe and meaningful way.


The following topics will be covered:

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Skills Development

This three-hour workshop is specifically for teachers who have already completed their 50-hour Airo Yoga Teacher Training. The workshop is designed in such a way to keep existing teachers up to speed on any new Airo Yoga advancements, developments in the yoga industry, new marketing trends, break down of new sequences, fresh poses that have been introduced in other workshops, and to refine and enhance their current teaching skills.


Refresh, relearn, refine and keep evolving your Airo Yoga teaching skills with these specially-designed workshops for existing teachers only.

A Unique Approach


This is more than just a teacher training. This is a supportive career opportunity. We care about our teachers and are committed to providing support even after the training has been completed. We want to see you grow with Airo!

  • Teachers will feel confident to teach immediately upon completion.
  • Continuous post-training check-ins.
  • Assistance in finding Airo Yoga working positions at existing studios and gyms.
  • Assistance in helping new teachers set up their own Airo Yoga studio.
  • Assistance in helping teachers approach existing studios and gyms in their areas.
  • Social Media support and consultation.
  • Exposure through the website and social media.

  • Access to Airo Yoga network of students, teachers and studios globally.
  • Exciting holiday positions available in Sri Lanka, Maldives and Indonesia.
  • Opportunity to grow with Airo Yoga as a workshop facilitator and instructor trainer.
  • Global travel and work opportunity as an Airo Yoga Instructor Trainer.
  • Continuous access to an updated training manual.
  • Opportunity to meet and connect with other Airo Yoga teachers globally.
  • Free seminars and updates regarding Airo Yoga, marketing and networking.