What to expect from the Airo TTC

Author: Natalie Basch


Still deciding whether to hop on the next Airo Yoga Teacher Training? Well, let me share a little more about the training with you.


I have now taught over 12 Airo Yoga Teacher Trainings, both online and offline. Every time is a new experience and every course differs from group to group. The structure remains the same and that’s what I want to share with you today.


The course is open to existing teachers and practitioners. This is a great opportunity for existing teachers to add to their teaching portfolio and to refine their teaching skills. And this course is also great for students who simply want to get a deeper understanding of the practice and their bodies – something that is not taught in regular yoga classes. So teacher or not, everyone is welcome!


What sets Airo apart from other forms of aerial yoga are these three things:

  • The swing – custom-designed and imported from Bali
  • The methodology – Airo follows a set structure, similar to that of Ashtanga Vinyasa
  • The brand and philosophy – Mindfulness through Play


Now, let’s look at the course in more detail…


The course spans over 7 days. Starting at 8:30 am and finishing at 2 pm. Two hours are put aside for your own self-study in the afternoons.


Every morning we will start with a two-hour practice. This gives us enough time to meditate, practice intensely and finish with along Savasana.

After a short break, we will move into the theory section. Here we will study the following topics:

  • How Airo Started
  • The Benefits of Airo
  • How Airo differs from other styles of aerial Yoga
  • The philosophy of Airo – “Mindfulness Through Play”
  • Alignment from the Western and Eastern Perspective
  • The Pilates Principles
  • Anatomy
  • The business of Airo
  • Teaching tips and techniques


Each day we will focus on the Set Airo Methodology. You and a partner will study a segment of the practice and learn the sequences off by heart by teaching each other the sequences. Yup, that’s right, you will start teaching from DAY 1!!


To finish the day off, we will always end with our very special SHARING CIRCLE! What is this you ask? Let me explain…


The group plays such an important part in the training, so a large focus on the training is to get that awesome, supportive community vibe going, creating a safe space where everyone feels comfortable and cared for. With the sharing circles, each student gets an opportunity to practice sharing their authentic expression, thoughts and feelings. This is an important part of the training as each teacher is UNIQUE and different, and I want to ensure that YOUR AUTHENTIC style shines through at the end of the training.


This is so much more than just a regular teacher training. Not only will you leave the course feeling confident to teach, but you will also leave with a new set of friends, new connections and most importantly: a deeper connection to yourself.


So what are you waiting for? Drop me a message if you want to chat or sign up NOW and receive your free swing with the upcoming Airo TTC!



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